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Holistic Dentistry and Implants Are Available in Ottawa

Holistic Dentistry and Implants Are Available in Ottawa

Looking for a holistic dentist in Nepean, Ottawa? We are a holistic dentist Ottawa, with a location in Nepean, that provides a full range of services. You may be seeking a periodontist or have an emergency dental issue. We can do both in addition to abundant other services.

Some Services

If you have been thinking of a dental implant or several implants, we can help you. Cracked or missing teeth affect your self-esteem and can affect your health. Other services include:

What Are Implants?

Tooth human implantYou’ve heard of dental implants but want to know more? These are permanent artificial teeth that are implanted into your jaw. They are securely anchored, making the eating, brushing and talking process easier. You will not have the fear of your teeth slipping, as can happen with dentures. Blending in with surrounding teeth, the implant looks more like a natural tooth, lessening the chances that people may notice an artificial tooth.

With a titanium anchor implanted directly into the jaw, many patients have opted for implants to replace the need for dentures. Our trained oral surgeons are here; you do not need to go to a separate clinic to have this surgery. Natural dentistry done at Pearlee Dental might be a good choice.

Chipped Teeth

You might not need an implant, but have found that you have a chipped tooth. Did you know that this the most common dental injury? From an intense hockey game to a fall off a bicycle, an accident resulting in a chipped tooth is not unusual. Be assured that it be repaired to look new.

Cosmetic bonding is the use of a tooth-coloured composite resin that is applied to the chip or fracture. It can match the color of the tooth and is shaped and polished to resemble surrounding teeth. It may stain just the same as your natural tooth. Also used to fill in gaps or as an alternative to a filling, cosmetic bonding is often a great option.

We are also an emergency dentist Ottawa. Whether you have a chipped tooth or are in pain, our Nepean family dental clinic can help. With a 24 hour emergency dentist Ottawa, you need not be uncomfortable. The Baseline family dental clinic is conveniently located at 2948 Baseline Road, Suite 207.

We are a natural dentist that serves individuals and families, right here in Ottawa, Canada. Why search for another low cost dentist Ottawa, when we are right here with customized and caring professional holistic service which focuses on our patients.