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Laser Teeth Whitening is in Ottawa

Laser Teeth Whitening is in Ottawa

Are you ready to have a brighter smile? You can have your teeth whitened in a holistic dental setting at our Nepean family dental office. Some of the things that can affect your smile include stains from foods, medications, tobacco, and trauma. Pearlee dental wants to help you with a smile that leads to greater confidence.

Yellowed teeth may be the result of many causes; we want you to be sure that your teeth look as healthy as possible. Whether you are getting ready for a photo shoot, wedding, party or everyday life, a bright smile may heighten confidence.

What is laser teeth whitening?

Years ago, the go-to treatment for stains on teeth was soaking them in a solution with a percentage of hydrogen peroxide. The bleaching effect removed stains but required many treatments to get the teeth to a desirable shade.

The use of LED lights kick-starts the whitening process, while you are right here in the dentist’s chair. We use a treatment called Pola. It involves a series of whitening gels in combination with an ultraviolet light which is faster than at home whitening kits.

Pola whitening may also be used along with at-home whitening, given by our office.

Done in office

The first step is a photo shoot of your teeth to show a “before” and “after” of the treatment. You will then be able to choose, along with the dentist, how much whiter you want your teeth to be.

Products are used that protect your teeth and gums during the process, while enabling the desired shade of whiteness. It is important to offer this protection to your gums and teeth.

Impressions are made for whitening trays to bring home to continue the whitening process.

How long is a session?

The Pola whitening appointment usually takes about two hours. There is no pain involved, and you may be very relaxed the whole time. At the end of your appointment, another photo will be taken to show the “after” and the effects of our teeth whitening.

How to keep your teeth white afterwards

It has been suggested to mix baking soda with peroxide to from a paste. Brush your teeth with this solution to remove all surface stains.

Contact us for an appointment. We’re located in Ottawa on Baseline Road. You can call us at 613-695-9695. Our holistic dental hygiene clinic is here for your questions.