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Dental Emergencies Don’t Take a Holiday

Dental Emergencies Don’t Take a Holiday

Pain, what pain? With the holiday season upon us, you may be attending parties or family events. But what happens when, in the midst of the holiday revelry, you have a toothache? Not quite the best for party and celebration moods, toothaches can take you for an unexpected ride. However, there is a 24 hour emergency dentist in Ottawa who is here to help. Pearlee Dental offers emergency dental service to help make the holidays fun once more.

What are some of the causes of emergencies that need attention? Learn more about these situations, and maybe you can take care of them before the holidays are in full swing.

What Can Cause a Toothache?

Often quite unexpectedly, a tooth can cause pain. It may have been a bit bothersome before but now it demands your attention. Some causes of pain include:

  • Cavities-tooth decay
  • Abscessed tooth
  • Gum infection
  • Cracked tooth

Other causes can be a sinus infection or clenching of teeth as well as other factors. Taking care of your teeth and mouth by brushing and flossing can prevent these conditions as well as having regular exams.


Decay can remain on the top and sides of a tooth without it being noticed. However, when it begins to become an infection, you will feel pain.


With an abscess, you will feel a throbbing pain in the affected tooth. It may come on suddenly and get worse. It is an infection in the center of the tooth and should be taken care of immediately to prevent a more serious medical issue. We do root canals in-house.

Gum Infection

Called gingivitis in its early stages, gum disease is quite common and affects many people over the age of 30. Painful teeth and gums can be a sign of gum disease that is getting worse.

Cracked Tooth

You may not be able to see a tooth that is cracked, but it can still cause pain as well as sensitivity. Even a slight crack can cause discomfort, so it should be addressed.

A routine checkup may spot many of these dental problems before they become an emergency during the holidays or other special time. But when pain does happen, know that there is emergency dental in Ottawa at the office of Pearlee Dental. Call 613.695.9695 or contact us for an appointment. We can help make your holiday season less painful and more joyful.