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Why Dental Implants Should Be Considered

Why Dental Implants Should Be Considered

Do you have a missing tooth or several missing teeth? It might be time to consider dental implants. We, at Pearlee Riverside Dental clinic in Ottawa, want to help you learn more about the possibility of dental implants, rather than dentures. If you have several missing teeth, dental implants are better than dentures when it comes to eating and talking as well as looking good.

What is a Dental Implant?

This type of replacement tooth is a high-tech solution to missing teeth. Its root is made of titanium and fits snugly into the bone. It can replace a missing tooth or serve as an anchor for a bridge, crown or denture.

Permanent Solution

If properly cared for, an implant can last a lifetime. You are able to relax and forget that you have a missing tooth or one that is artificial. You may still brush and floss, as these teeth are a permanent part of your mouth. Many patients cannot distinguish between an implanted tooth and a natural tooth.

The titanium integrates into the jawbone, allowing it to last a lifetime. On the other hand, a denture may only last ten years or so. The implant is non-toxic and bio-compatible, meaning that it is not rejected by the body.

Natural Feeling

Their secure anchor makes them feel more like your actual teeth. There is nothing to slip, and talking and chewing is enhanced. On the other hand, a denture may slip at the most inconvenient time. A dental implant also helps prevent bone loss, in a space where there is no tooth.

The Appearance is Like Your Own Teeth

Made of porcelain, the implant resembles your natural teeth. A missing tooth blends in with the surrounding teeth and appears more natural looking. There is less of a chance that people will notice an artificial tooth.

Who Are Candidates For Implants?

If you have one or several missing teeth, you might consider dental implants. If your denture, partial denture or bridge is uncomfortable, implants might be the solution.

Recent innovations have made it possible for those with insufficient bone to receive implants; advances have been made in diagnostics and reconstruction of bone, allowing most people to enjoy the benefits of the dental implant.

Why walk around with a missing tooth or uncomfortable dentures? It might be time to consider a more high-tech solution. Contact us to schedule an appointment for a consultation regarding a dental implant or several implants. Our Ottawa west dental clinic is easy to travel to and is near downtown.