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What Does the Holistic Dentist Do

What Does the Holistic Dentist Do?

At Pearlee Dental in Ottawa, we practice holistic dentistry. However, some people may not know just what this type of dentistry consists of. We will show you what it is and why this form of dentistry is important. According to Dr. Andrew Weil, holistic dentists use natural therapies alongside conventional ones. Resin or porcelain fillings may be used instead of harmful metals.

What This Dentistry Is and Its Beginnings

Holistic and biological dentistry use both natural and conventional treatments in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of oral issues. It resulted in the need to address the risks from amalgam fillings that were causing harmful exposure to mercury in the body as well as problems in the environment. Not only were amalgam and metal fillings bad for the person and environment, they were also unsightly.

Health of the Whole Person

The role of the dentist is especially important when it comes to gum disease. Inflamed gums may affect the overall health of a person. Chronically inflamed gums may affect general health and may have a negative effect. This type of dentistry strives to make the person aware of the relationship between oral health and physical health.

How is it Different?

In dentistry that is holistic, preventative care is the goal. Emphasis may be on the following, in addition to care of the gums and teeth:

  • Nutrition
  • Moderate alcohol consumption
  • Smoking cessation

Holistic dentists will not use nickel, amalgam and other metals as fillings for cavities. They use porcelain or composite resin instead. Digital x-rays are the common diagnostic tool of the holistic dentist. This is instead of traditional x-rays, which may subject the patient to more radiation.

Preventive Dentistry

Nutrition and other issues affect your dental health. Knowledge and prevention, through regular checkups and cleaning are an important part of your dental health.

Restoration of missing teeth and dental surgery may help you eat more effectively and include more nutritious foods in your daily diet. Gum problems should be addressed early, so they don’t add inflammation to your body, which can lead to heart and other health problems.

Contact us to book an appointment. Our staff at Pearlee Dental, an holistic and biological dentist in Ottawa, can help ensure that your mouth is healthy. We can help educate you in becoming aware of the relationship between your teeth and your body. What’s more, our 2948 Baseline Rd Ottawa clinic is easy to reach in the downtown area.