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Should You Switch to a Holistic Dentist ?

Thinking of leaving your current dentist for a holistic one? We would like to tell you the difference between holistic and traditional dentistry. Pearlee Dental Clinic provides holistic dentistry with a more natural approach. Is it worth the switch? You may know some of the differences, but we will give you more information so you can decide if a holistic dentist in Ottawa is right for you.

Switching dental treatment may be an idea that causes some reflection. You have been with your traditional dentist, who knows you, for a while, so why switch to one that is holistic? Read further to learn why this type of dentistry may be better for your whole health than the traditional practices used by your present dentist.

Holistic Dentists Are Real Dentists

Do holistic dentists have a license? Yes, they are general dentists who have the usual dental education, degree and license to practice. They may specialize in treating cavities and gum disease. However, instead of prescribing the medicine used traditionally, they may offer an array of natural treatments and combine both traditional and alternative methods.

The Differences Between Traditional Dentistry

The traditional dentist emphasizes dental care consisting of three things:

  • Flossing
  • Brushing
  • Filling of cavities

Recent studies have shown that there may be more to having a healthier mouth and body than just these practices. In fact, in addition to the above, a dentistry that is holistic may include the following treatments:

  • Nutrition education
  • Aromatherapy
  • Ayurveda
  • Spiritual healing
  • Homeopathy
  • Hypnosis
  • Electro-acupuncture

In cases of gum issues, for example, a holistic dentist might mention natural therapies and nutrition for relief. Although a traditional dentist may mention nutrition, the holistic practitioner will discuss and emphasize the effect that nutrition might have on the health of your mouth.

Other Names For This Type of Dentistry

This type of dentistry may go by different names. Among them are the following:

  • Preventive dentistry
  • Biological dentistry
  • Natural dentistry
  • Alternative dentistry

Consideration of the Mouth-Body Connection

Since the mouth does not exist alone, the procedures may affect the whole body. Work done on your teeth might have an effect on your body, sometimes with serious consequences.

A holistic dentist might sit down with a patient and learn more about their diet, lifestyle, mental and emotional health as well as their dental health. All this is taken into consideration, while determining the best approach to your dental issues.

In the Holistic Practice, Safer Materials are Used

A holistic dentist would use materials and appliances that are free from toxic chemicals. They shun sealants containing BPA and mercury amalgam fillings.

Why not use amalgam fillings? These fillings are toxic, and studies have shown that mercury can leak into the body, even in small amounts. It adds a risk to the body. Many traditional dentists use mercury, since it lasts a long time. Fillings made of mercury withstand pressure on the teeth. A dentist that treats holistically will use a safer composite filling; the filling of resin or composite more closely matches the natural material of a tooth.

The Holistic Dentist Chooses Remedies That Are Natural

If a dentist is holistic, they will try to use materials that are compatible with the body. These “biocompatible” materials are viewed for the way that they affect your body. You might receive a herbal mouthwash for gum disease, in place of chlorhexidine, which is scientifically proven to reduce gingivitis. The traditional dentist would suggest the medicated chlorhexidine, which is commonly used to treat gum disease.

Some other herbal remedies include the following:

  • Neem toothpaste (from a tropical Asian plant)
  • Propolis
  • Herbal tooth powder
  • Composite fillings

You may prefer more natural therapies than those recommended by your traditional dentist. If you prefer natural remedies and treatment that treats the whole person, avoiding mercury or fluoride and alternative therapies, this type of dentist may be for you.

A dentist with a holistic emphasis is also more focused on preventive care. Diet, smoking, alcohol and exercise are all considered as ways of addressing the health of your mouth. Eating an abundance of sugar is discouraged, as it affects your teeth as well as overall health.

X-rays, Fluoride Treatments and More

A dental office that practices natural medicine will avoid traditional x-rays, which pose a risk. Digital x-rays can be used; they are less harmful. Thinking of your overall health might be a good reason to choose a holistic dentist.

Fluoride treatments are another pathway that is often avoided by the dentist treating naturally. It is thought that this type of treatment may increase the risk of various muscle disorders as well as bone cancer and dementia. Natural dentists forgo fluoride treatment, and when offering dental care to their patients, the holistic dentist will treat without fluoride.

Can Children Be Treated Holistically?

There is no research regarding children and dentistry that is holistic. However, we treat peoples of all ages and have families as our patients. We have the knowledge and care to work with children.

Our holistic dental hygiene clinic offers cleanings and care for your whole family. Regular cleanings are important to the health of your teeth and that of your children. We offer care that is holistic by our trained professional hygienist. Additionally, when you visit our clinic, after an exam, we take time to provide a customized plan for your treatment.

With a host of reasons for trading your traditional dentist for a holistic practitioner, you now have the knowledge to switch to a dentist who is aware of your total health, not just your teeth and mouth. We have given you more knowledge from which to make an informed decision.

The above are just some of the reasons you might consider switching from a traditional dentist to one who works holistically. If you are interested in finding out more about our holistic services at Pearlee Dental, contact us for an appointment or call us at 613-695-9695. We are located at 2948 Baseline Road in Ottawa and offer a full range of services. We are considered a low cost dentist in Ottawa, so there are many reasons to consider us.