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Some Great Reasons For Whitening Your Teeth

Should you consider getting whiter, brighter teeth? Not false ones, but your natural teeth can look whiter with some dental solutions. There are many good reasons to improve your appearance with whiter teeth. Everything we put in our mouth can affect the color of our pearly whites. Your teeth may be healthy, but discoloration will spoil your smile.

As your holistic dentist in Ottawa, we want you to be aware of some reasons for whitening your teeth and improving your smile.

Reasons Why Teeth Become Discoloured

There is a natural reason why teeth become discoloured. The natural aging process causes some teeth to become more yellow. Plaque, tartar and other oral health concerns may affect the colour of your teeth.

Using tobacco is another reason. If you drink coffee, tea, red wine or cola, it may also have an effect on the appearance of your teeth.

Ingesting too much fluoride while the teeth are forming can give them a more mottled look. The antibiotic, tetracycline, when given to a child, may have an effect on the colour of the teeth. Additionally, trauma suffered to the teeth may cause them to be more gray, brown or black in appearance.

What Are Some Reasons to Whiten the Teeth?

From applying for a new job to looking younger, there are many reasons to have whiter and brighter teeth. Here are some reasons to begin the whitening process of your teeth:

  • Job interview or class reunion coming up
  • Special occasion
  • Boost self confidence
  • Your diet has led to discolouration
  • You have been a smoker and recently quit
  • You want to look younger

Job interview or class reunion coming up – You may want to look your best, especially for an interview for a new job. With a class reunion coming up, looking younger and a winning smile is often a goal.

Special occasion – you may have a wedding, party, graduation or special event in the near future. Just as you wear something special, wearing a brighter smile can give you more confidence.

Your diet has led to discolouration – Years of smoking and coffee may have lead to discoloration. Eating your favorite foods, such as blueberries, may also have affected the color of your teeth.

You have been a smoker and recently quit – Now that you have gone through the hardest part of quitting, it may be time to erase the damage from years of smoking. Reward yourself with teeth whitening. (Even if you haven’t yet quit, whitening is a great idea.)

You want to look younger – Who doesn’t want to look younger and more vital? Since discoloration may happen as you age, whiter teeth may make you appear younger.

Some Whitening Methods

There are surface whiteners, such as toothpaste and chewing gum, that may remove stains of the surface. Similar to regular toothpaste, they may contain abrasives, but are not likely to cause excessive wear on the teeth.

Bleaching is another method that is capable of altering the colour of the teeth. There are a number of different bleaching techniques that can be used at home or in the dental office.

Professional cleaning as well as professional whitening may be a smart choice for keeping teeth healthy and bright. Understanding the cause of the discoloration by a visit to the dentist may be a wise first step. You may have root canals, filling and other considerations that will affect the way that your dentist does brighter white teeth whitening.

The Process

Within the office of the dentist, a whitening agent and special light may be used. Often, teeth whitening begins with a special plan, customized for your mouth and teeth. Pictures may be taken of your mouth for before and after photos. A plan is made to determine how much whiter you want your teeth to be. During the whitening procedure, your gums are protected by the agents in gels.

LED light technology may be used in-office. Blue and red light are often utilized in the dental office.

Why light is used

The light is used with a gel. It excites the molecules in this gel to make the peroxide molecules more effective. The result is speeded up and improved whitening performance. Red light may be used to help heal minor irritations of the mouth and minimize sensitivity.

Are the bleaching gels safe?

The gels used with the LED system are enamel safe, sensitivity free, remineralize teeth, while healing heal oral tissue. Ingredients are natural and have been chosen because of their effectiveness in maximizing whitening, neutralizing harmful bacteria, healing oral tissue and re-mineralizing the teeth. Systems that are natural will be a more holistic choice.

How Does Pearlee Dental Do Teeth Whitening?

Pearlee Dental uses the Spa-Dent® whitening system in combination with home whitening. Your in-office appointment may be an average of 2 hours. The Pola in-office treatment is used as well as a shade guide to determine the coloration desired. You may need to have an impression made for your tray to be used at home. Before and after photos may be taken.

Your session in the dental office is relaxing, and patients often fall asleep. You will not be able to read a book, however, during the treatment.

At Pearlee Dental, we provide teeth whitening in Ottawa. Conveniently located at 2948 Baseline Road, we have the knowledge and experience to help you. Our holistic dentistry practice provides the latest technology in a comfortable setting.

Ready to see whiter and brighter teeth? Contact us to arrange an appointment and get started on a more beautiful smile. Whether you have a special event coming up or not, it may be time to begin to boost your confidence with a brighter smile.