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Gum Problems

Do your gums bleed easily? Are they tender?

If you notice your gums pulling away from your teeth, you might be in the early stages of gum disease (gingivitis) or in the more advanced stage (periodontitis). Left untreated, periodontitis can cause bone loss, and your teeth might shift or become loose.


Gum recession is a common side effect of gum disease. If left untreated too long, it can leave parts of teeth exposed, making it more likely that they will decay. We offer gum grafting services that help cover up those danger areas.

Gum Disease Treatment Ottawa ON
Gum Disease Treatment Ottawa ON
Gum Pocket Reduction

Periodontal disease can create “pockets” next to your teeth as the gums become less securely attached. These pockets can be difficult to clean at home, and often require cleaning during routine exams.

Dr Sheema Samarrae and her team at Pearlee can perform procedures that help reduce the size and depth of these pockets, which in turn helps teeth remain healthy and strong.

If you’re interested in a more comprehensive approach to oral care and health that highlights the connection between mouth and body, contact us below about our holistic practices and how they can benefit you.

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