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Bad Breath Treatment Ottawa ON
Bad Breath

Your dentist may recommend a crown if a chip is large or cosmetic bonding with a strong resin material.

Cavity Treatment Ottawa ON

Cavities should be addressed as soon as possible to prevent more complicated damages.

Dentist Chipped Tooth Ottawa ON
Chipped Tooth

Your dentist may recommend a crown if a chip is large or cosmetic bonding with a strong resin material.

Cracked Tooth Crown Ottawa ON
Cracked Tooth

Crowns are the most recommended solution for cracked teeth to prevent the crack from worsening.

Braces On Crooked Teeth Ottawa ON
Crooked Teeth

Straightening crooked teeth can be a key part of improving overall dental health and relieving symptoms like jaw pain. 

Gap Between Teeth Treatment Ottawa ON
Gap Between Teeth

Your options for closing a gap include orthodontics to move teeth closer and cosmetic solutions like veneers or bonding.

Teeth Grinding Treatment Ottawa ON
Grinding Your Teeth

Grinding your teeth can give you headaches, a sore jaw and cracked or loose teeth. Stress is one of the causes.

Gum Disease Treatment Ottawa ON
Gum Problems

Besides regular preventative treatment, Pearlee offers laser, grafting and pocket reduction procedures for gum disease.

Missing Teeth Treatment Ottawa ON
Missing Tooth

Missing a tooth can severely influence your life. We can help with many options including bridges and implants.

Oral Cancer Treatment Ottawa ON
Oral Cancer

Oral cancer is a deadly disease that affects millions of people. Regular dental visits can help catch oral cancer early.

Teeth Sensitive To Cold Treatment Ottawa ON
Sensitivity to Cold

The first step is to find the cause of your sensitivity to cold. Get in touch with Pearlee below and we’ll help.

Teeth Whitening Treatment Ottawa ON
Teeth Whitening

At Pearlee, we use LED lights to kick-start the whitening process, along with our home whitening kits.

Tooth Erosion Treatment Ottawa ON
Tooth Erosion

Tooth erosion symptoms can range from sensitivity to more severe problems such as cracking. 

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